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The The Institute of Justice & Wisdom In America Education Department collaboratively prepares educators committed to the success of all students believing that quality education is vital to wholeness of persons, sustainability of communities, and a vibrant, just democratic society. To that end, and grounded in The Institute of Justice & Wisdom In America College’s mission and vision, the Education Department prepares educators through the development of professional habits of mind, heart, and practice:

Habits of Mind – Demonstrating flexibility in thinking about
key theories and conceptual frameworks to address complex,
adaptive challenges.
Habits of Heart – Demonstrating behaviors and beliefs that
connect learning to life, liberating the power and creativity
of the human spirit.
Habits of Practice – Demonstrating the capacity to
effectively engage and contribute to learning communities
and systems within which education is embedded.

Students in the Special Education program are prepared to utilize a variety of instructional approaches as well as demonstrate what they have learned in a number of ways. By experiencing a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies firsthand, candidates are prepared to model similar techniques in their own classrooms. Special education methods courses have strong practicum components involving candidates with students in K-12 classrooms throughout their educational program.

The Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.) in Special Education with Concentration in Autism Spectrum Disorders prepares K-12 teachers for leading effective differentiated instruction for students with autism. Teachers who hold a valid Michigan Elementary or Secondary teaching certificate can become highly qualified and add the SV endorsement by successfully completing the M.Ed. in Special Education and passing the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders (SV).

The Institute of Justice & Wisdom In America’s Certificate Program and Endorsement in Autism Spectrum Disorders is designed for certified teachers who wish to add the ASD endorsement. This program is available completely online. Student teaching requirements may be satisfied in on-the-job placements or during the summer semester to meet the needs of candidates who work full time during the school year.

The Institute of Justice & Wisdom In America’s MAT With a Focus on Special Education provides teachers with the opportunity to link the latest developments in educational research to their own teaching practice. The program is designed to empower teachers by focusing on the knowledge and skills required to deliver effective instruction to diverse learners from preschool through high school, including those with special needs. The structure of the MAT program allows working professionals to obtain their master’s degree in less than two years. Special Education courses completed as part of the MAT do not result in an Endorsement.

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