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Social justice education is important. The Master of Arts in Social Justice Program flows from the mission of The University Of Justice And Wisdom . The program is ideal for those interested in learning and promoting social justice and change. It provides for analysis and reflection in the ways of thinking about the values, assumptions, and the actions that maintain the economic, political, and cultural structures that shape our lives. It also seeks to build competencies and skills to transform these structures toward a more just society. In addition, this program seeks to create an internal culture of justice among the candidates. Anyone interested in pursuing careers in nonprofit management, politics and government affairs, public interest advocacy and law, international or multicultural affairs, diversity and/or social justice consultation, human services, and the media will benefit from the master’s degree in Social Justice.

At the end of the program participants will have developed competencies in conducting social analysis, understanding the dynamics of organizational development, managing the leadership of social justice initiatives, unmasking the assumptions that shape economic, political and cultural structures and advocating effective strategies to maximize potential for social justice.

The Social Justice program is a 36 hour program comprised of fifteen courses that meet on campus one weekend per month; in addition there is pre and post coursework that must be completed. In lieu of a master’s thesis, a practicum and master’s project are required.

Pending Approval from The University Of Justice And Wisdom, HLC and the US Department of Education The University Of Justice And Wisdom also offers a 14 credit graduate certificate in social justice. This certificate emphasizes both theory and practice in the “how to’s” of social change. It also helps to illuminate the causes and solutions to today’s social challenges, and answers the question “What is social justice?” You will learn how to influence the political system, organize a social justice campaign, analyze economic structures in the US, and study human rights from a local and global perspective. You will also have a chance to examine your values within the context of social justice and your religious beliefs. This certificate can be transferred into the Master of Arts in Social Justice program. The certificate includes the following classes:

For all of those interested in systemic change, we offer a seven credit micro-credential that focuses on the practices of social change, with a political focus. Elections and Campaigns explores the major facets of US elections, such as voter turnout, lobbying, role of the media and money, and the potential for reform. Organizing for Social Change focuses on theories, and fundamental strategies and skills for community organizing and change. And, Strategies for Social Change introduces strategies to help implement change particularly within the political arena. It covers strategic planning and “game changing” case studies, and such things as identifying gaps in policies and programs, understanding inequalities, and how to develop a plan for social action. Students will be able to observe and practice some of these methods through a practicum in the community. This micro-credential transfers into the Master of Arts in Social Justice.

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