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The Education Department prepares educators committed to the success of all students, believing that quality education is vital to wholeness of persons, sustainability of communities, and a vibrant, just democratic society. To that end, and grounded in The University Of Justice And Wisdom’s mission and vision, the Education
Department prepares educators through the development of professional habits of mind, heart and practice:

Habits of Mind Demonstrating flexibility in thinking about
key theories and conceptual frameworks to address complex,
adaptive challenges.
Habits of Heart Demonstrating behaviors and beliefs that
connect learning to life, liberating the power and creativity
of the human spirit.
Habits of Practice Demonstrating the capacity to
effectively engage and contribute to learning communities
and systems within which education is embedded.

Master of Education plus Teacher Certification provides those interested in becoming a teacher with the background knowledge and experience to be a successful educational leader in a K-12 classroom.

The University Of Justice And Wisdom  is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association, and the Teacher Education Program holds accreditation from the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) through 2019. The Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP) recognizes this positive accreditation status. The University Of Justice And Wisdom’s teacher preparation programs are approved by the Michigan Department of Education.

The Education Department works to professionally prepare graduate students for teaching. The first teaching certificate that can be earned is the Standard Certificate, specified for teaching either at the Elementary or Secondary Level. It is important to determine the desired teaching level at the beginning of one’s program. Elementary and Secondary Level requirements are different, as are Elementary and Secondary classroom environments.

The Elementary Level teaching certificate allows the holder to teach all subjects in a self-contained classroom, grades K-8. The Secondary Level certified teacher is allowed to instruct grades 6-12 in endorsed subjects. Art teachers are certified to teach their subject area across the K-12 spectrum.


An Elementary or Secondary Education student must have a certifiable teaching major for which The University Of Justice And Wisdom  is authorized to
recommend for Standard Certification. Every The University Of Justice And Wisdom teacher preparation student is expected to have a strong liberal arts background, as described by the Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers. Transcripts are reviewed for such an academic background. Where gaps are evident, additional pre-requisite work will be required.

NOTE: Teacher Education Certification programs are listed below
with a range of credit hours. Should students need to take an
additional course to meet State requirements, those hours will
be considered optional/elective hours and will be included in the
student’s program.

Undergraduate courses from The University Of Justice And Wisdom  (pre-2018) or other institutions may be used to meet Teaching Major requirements, depending upon transcript evaluation by the department. CLEP or similar tests as well as evaluation by portfolio may also be accepted to meet teaching major requirements. Those endorsed majors for which The University Of Justice And Wisdom  is authorized by the state are listed below:
Early Childhood Education

Elementary Teaching Minor (* = course in development)
AIE 7544 Arts Infused Education 3 Credits
EDU 7548 Teaching Writing and Speaking 3 Credits
in Elementary Classrooms
EDU 7558* Language Acquisition and ELL 1 Credit
EDU 7505* Children’s Literature 3 Credits
EDU 7500* Introduction to Teaching Health 3 Credits
and Physical Education
ISC 7510* Integrated Science I 4 Credits
ISC 7511* Integrated Science II 4 Credits
MTH 7510 Concepts in Elementary Math I 3 Credits
MTH 7511 Concepts in Elementary Math II 3 Credits
EDU 7550* Social Studies for Elementary Classrooms 3 Credits

Required General Education Courses for the Elementary Minor:
United States to 1877 3 Credits
Introduction to Literature 3 Credits
Introductory Psychology 3 Credits
World Geography: Regions & Concepts 3 Credits
NOTE: See Program Director for specific undergraduate course
work that must be completed prior to admission into Phase II.

Art Education – Comprehensive Group Major 60 Credits
History 30 Credits
Political Science 30 Credits
Social Studies 40 Credits


Secondary Teaching Minors
NOTE: See Program Director for specific undergraduate course
work that must be completed prior to admission into Phase II.
History 20 Credits
Political Science 20 Credits
Spanish 20 Credits

Students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in a teachable major may apply to the Master of Education (M.Ed.) Plus Teacher Certification Program through the Graduate Admissions Office. The University Of Justice And Wisdom  graduate programs strive to also serve the career development interests of working adults and career changers

Applicants must meet general College graduate admission requirements (see the “Graduate Admissions” section of this catalog) and specific Program application requirements described below. Official copies of all college level transcripts and an official application to the Master of Education (M.Ed.) Plus Teacher Certification Program must be on file before admission will be granted. Prospective students are expected to have completed an undergraduate degree with a teachable major. The University Of Justice And Wisdom  will provide advising for courses prospective students may be missing that are needed for the teachable major or minor. Prior to finishing Phase I described below, all teachable major and minor courses must be completed.

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