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Social Change Wheel

The strategy that is most like my role in social change or the role I would like to play is charitable volunteerism. I believe that charitable volunteerism is a way of connecting to the community and addressing the concerns of those in need or in any way to make a positive difference in both the community and the environment. Today, poverty exists and there are those on the streets hungry so just by giving them food is a very rewarding experience in terms of helping others in even the slightest way possible. Volunteering at soup kitchens and serving food is a profound act of humbleness that works to bring about a feeling of connectedness within the community and finding other ways to help. On holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, it is an opportune moment to go out and serve food or volunteer in any way to help the community together embrace the warmth of the holidays or just to bring about a smile on someone’s face.

A concrete example of my action or desire to act using the strategy of charitable volunteerism is by serving food at a soup kitchen for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will also be passing out thick blankets to the homeless for the winter, and giving food for those in need. My desire stems from the fact that charity is the supreme act of love, as it has many virtues of social contributions in terms of both mutually helping people and in turn helping spiritually by purifying the heart.

It is profoundly rewarding to volunteer at an interpersonal level within the community to be able to understand each other and connect with one another. By looking at it through the community as a whole instead of individuals, you’ll be able to see the impact your actions can have by organizing or volunteering at a food bank or shelter. Maybe just by being there and showing people that you care will make a positive difference in a mutual way. I would like to learn about how to bring more people into volunteering, how to increase awareness for charitable volunteering, and how to bring opportunities for people to volunteer.